Sandra Nordenhager

Head of Marketing



By Anastasia Drey

August 28, 2019

Q: Why you decided to join GITD?

A: In February 2018 I moved to Dublin to start my new job. I was excited and, of course, a bit scared. Everything was new, and I didn’t know anyone here. I started looking for networks or events where I could meet inspiring people, and I was also searching for a mentor. In my search for that, I found the GIT SteppingUp event which seemed to be the perfect fit. And it really was! During my first mentorship session, I was impressed by the topics that were discussed, all the people who were there and the setup of the event. I also loved the idea and mission behind GIT and what they did, and I wanted to be part of it. I am so happy I did, and so grateful for everything I have learned since I joined.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being part of GITD?

A: Definitely the people I meet and everything I learn from them. Also working in a team of such great people is a joy, and everything we achieve together. Both the SteppingUp and Hackathon is a proof of that.

Q: What would you like to achieve professionally?

A: I want to continue to inspire and encourage people, like I have been able to do as part of Girls In Tech. I would love to teach and mentor children, since I could also learn so much from them. I think the key to a happy and successful career is to always help and support the people around you, but at the same having a willingness to learn and be inspired by others.

Q: What is something you’ve achieved that you really like?

A: When I lived in Washington, D.C. I started a mentorship program for Young Professionals. The program was really successful and is still running! I still remember the happiness I felt when saw the relationships between mentors and mentees grow and what all participants achieved during the program.

Q: What is something you’ve failed in? What did you learn about it?

A: I have failed many times, but also stepped outside my comfort zone a lot. I believe these things are aligned, which is why I try to do things that scare me. The more I fail, the more I learn. However, my biggest failures are the ones I have taken personally and the ones that had a negative effect on my confidence. I believe that if you fail fast, you learn fast, but you also have to forgive and move on fast.

Q: What is a new hobby you’ve taken up?

A: One thing I would like to take up is to be creative. I used to paint, write and create a lot, and I really miss it. My goal for this fall is, therefore, to paint and write more.

Q: What country were you last visiting?

A: The last one before Sweden (which is my home country so it doesn’t count) was Italy. I just love Italy and their culture, food, wine, and nature. Going on a hiking trip to the alps is something I definitely recommend as summer holiday!

Q: What country/city would you like to visit next?

A: Iceland is definitely on my top list! I love to be surrounded by nature and explore new places. Iceland looks beautiful and I would really like to hike along the fjords, cuddle with shetland ponies and see the northern lights.

Q: The last book you read

A: Reading is one of my favorite things to do, and one book that I recently read and would recommend to anyone is Educated by Tara Westover. It is a memoir about her upbringing in an isolated, Mormon family, her decision to break free and everything she learned from the real world.

Q: What is something most people wouldn’t know about you?

A: I am incredibly scared of spiders! So scared that, if I see one, I can’t go near it. I also love to dance and sing, so when I’m home alone, I put on some nice music and dance around in the living room. I sometimes feel sorry for my neighbours, haha.