Girls in Tech Bootcamps are practical workshops on a chosen topic pertaining to technology, entrepreneurship, coding and design, and professional skills. Led by a subject matter expert, Bootcamps offer attendees the chance to learn something new or finesse existing skills while mingling with peers, forming new relationships and networking with professionals from the region.


Bootcamp topics fall under one of the following modules.

Career Development

Career development is the lifelong process of managing progression in learning and work, and most importantly, discovering a passion and purpose. Throughout the years, psychologists have proven that individuals’ professional development is impacted and influenced by the kind of people they’ve become, the sense of purpose they have, the income at their disposal, as well as the social and economic contribution they make to the communities and societies of which they are part. Girls in Tech’s immersive and interactive Career Development Bootcamp features a variety of individual and group exercises, in-class roundtables and lectures designed to get participants prepared and excited to jump head-first into the tech workforce! In this bootcamp, participants will learn a methodology for finding the perfect career -- not only what they are good at but also, a job they love doing. People are always more productive when they work at a company, with a product, and with a team that truly inspires them. In this environment, employees are able to grow in their professional as well as their personal lives.


Girls in Tech’s Coding Bootcamps are 3-day to 8 weeks of intensive, accelerated educational programs that teach beginners development skills such as Full-Stack Web Development, Data Science, and UX/ UI Design. The Bootcamps teach a technical curriculum in the most popular coding languages such as Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Joomla, Python on Django, JavaScript, and PHP stacks. The sessions incorporate demos, tutorials, lectures as well as individual and group projects. Participants build fully functional web-apps, websites, collect data, and use development tools to complete their projects. Following intensive coursework, the Bootcamps train participants to jump head-first into a career in the high-tech or startup industry. Participants graduate with a completed project(s), an online presence, solid coding and interview skills, and more.

Design Thinking

Creative Problem Solving and Design Thinking skills are becoming vital for businesses focused on innovation and collaboration. Girls in Tech’s Design Thinking Bootcamp is a hands-on workshop, which features a design thinking step-by-step process overview, short instructional lectures, demos and guided team projects. Taught by seasoned subject matter experts, participants will be empowered (and hopefully inspired) to explore how human-centered design can help create detailed solutions for layered problems in day-to-day life, when building products, or in the workplace.

What you will learn? 
  • Learn how to evaluate and understand issues based on the needs, desires and behaviors of your customers. Understand how to define and reframe problems based on the emotional needs of customers.
  • Become an expert story-teller to capture the attention of your target audience.
  • Develop a “spaghetti-on-the-wall” mentality through rapid prototyping and product ideation.
  • Refine your ability to make key observations to better understand customer motivations.

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Startup Breakthroughs

The goal of this unique, interactive 3-day Bootcamp is to provide highly engaging, proven educational programming for Girls in Tech members that results in a measurable impact in the world. This program allows both aspiring and current women entrepreneurs to walk away with critical self-awareness, startup skills and leadership capabilities that will ultimately result in positive changes – economically and socially – in their communities. Confidence is the “gateway to success and entrepreneurship” for women – the lack of confidence that is experienced by women around the globe is a huge barrier to having more women start companies and take on leadership roles, especially in technical fields. Using a blend of current research combined with original hands-on exercises and video content, participants learn concrete skills that allow them to let go of self-criticism. They become more self-assured, bolstered by the company of their peers in a safe learning environment. Leadership is the next step – participants will realize that they have the capacity to define leadership for themselves, and to lead and inspire those around them. The hands-on team building exercise reveals surprising results; it provides a lasting impact through experiential learning. They also learn about the key components that make teams innovate successfully, derived from breakthrough research from U.C. Berkeley. The introduction to Entrepreneurship centers on creating and communicating a Vision/Mission and tapping into each individual’s personal passion. This exercise builds on the Confidence and Leadership portions, and sets them up for the deep dive into a comprehensive Silicon Valley startup training course that spans the second and third day.