stepping up mentorship:

what is it all about

Building the future

The Girls in Tech Dublin (GITD) mentorship is a program aimed at removing the stiff process
of seeking mentorships or a mentor. The tagline “Stepping Up” illustrates the boundaries that
the program pushes by using a non-conventional process of mentorship which involves
allowing participants and individuals who are masters in their field to have a natural casual
interaction without any interference from a middle man.

Mentors are from across various fields not necessarily in tech alone, offering different perspectives and inspiring the participants. The uniqueness of this program comes from the style of the approach of the mentors who are refreshingly honest and majorly seek to give back. 

With each passing program, it is evident that the GITD ‘Stepping Up’ initiative is the niche that participants have craved because at its core it invites participants to open their minds, step out of their comfort zones and take advantage of the opportunity presented in front of them. It truly is a transcending experience for both participants and mentors, and it is a good first step towards a path be it professional or personal.

Hannah Kathleen, Founder of iGen Creative

“Stepping up to me means realizing what we have accomplished and what we can actually help others with. Understanding in review how our lives come together based on a series of experiences and mentorship experiences and implementation elements that we have done within our businesses”

Hazel Smyth, Legal counsel for Survey Monkey

“To have the opportunity to come to places like this and speak about something like mentoring and hear what these people have to say may encourage and motivate you and teach you what to do next”

by Omoyza Icha

edited: Anastasia Drey