The exciting world of tech is vast and fast-growing, there is no denying the alure when it comes to careers in the tech field as it is currently one of the most lucrative fields. The word tech is also aligned with the fiction that one has to be able to code and the thought of writing and reading through lines of code can be daunting for a few, luckily we’ve got you covered.

Every product needs a team and while a member of your team is slaving away in the backend you could be doing any one of the following jobs.

UI designer (User Interface Designer)
If you’ve got a flair for design and know your way around the required tools like adobe suit then this is probably the spot for you. A UI designer focuses on the look and feel of a software interface, this requires you to create visual mockups, wireframes, sitemaps, and storyboards. UI is what the user interacts with so it has to be cohesive and user-friendly. Think of your favorite apps and how easy it is to navigate it when trying to achieve a task, that’s all thanks to the UI designer.

UX designer (User Experience Designer)
While the UI focuses solely on the look and feel of the software, the UX designer works with the end-user in mind, this usually requires extensive user research as well as creating prototypes and seeing how end-users experience the software, the UX designer also determines the best way to display content and information on the software. So if you’re an outgoing individual with an eye for detail then this is your scene.

Search Engine Optimizer
Although this is normally related to digital marketing it is still heavily related to tech. As an SEO optimizer, you get to collaborate with web developers and designers to ensure that websites have the best SEO practices. This position deals with the rankings and exposure of websites in search engine algorithms, it requires the patience to research keywords relating to the website, utilizing and optimizing relevant content, tracking and analyzing website analytics.

Technical Writer
Away from designing and analytics being a technical writer is another path in the tech field. If you have skills in creating and crafting well-written, clear materials then you would be comfortable here. A technical writer’s job could vary from creating technical reports, tutorials, documentation to press releases regarding a certain product. As a technical writer, you have to be well versed in the tech field and have a good understanding of the product being put forward, you need the ability to make lengthy technical talk easy to understand for the everyday user.

From the outside looking in it may seem coding is the be-all and end-all of the tech industry which isn’t accurate at all. So, if you’re thinking of changing careers or wondering what next path to take you can start from here, there’s room for everybody regardless of your degree and background. Just do the research and stay curious.

Now, see you don’t need to code to be “in tech”. There are various roles in tech that you can apply your degree and background to. Just stay curious!

Written by Omoyza Icha