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  • Posted: December 14, 2018

Post by Annette O’Sullivan

Unsure of where your career is going? Fed up of ‘Imposter Syndrome’? Or maybe you’re faced with a difficult situation at work and are struggling to come up with a solution? If any of this sounds familiar, acquiring a mentor could be just what you need!

There has been extensive research highlighting the benefits of mentorship for personal and professional development. Having the encouragement and guidance of a trusted mentor can really help you make the right moves in your career, and feel confident doing so. They can also help you identify and leverage your strengths, and understand what areas you need to work on. Unfortunately, women often don’t have access to mentors, particularly in male-dominated sectors like technology, finance and engineering. That’s why our Stepping Up mentorship events are so important – they offer women at all stages of their career access to mentors whom they can really learn from.

Our first two Stepping Up events, hosted by Fenergo and KBC respectively, were extremely successful, featuring inspirational keynote speakers and talented, experienced mentors from a wide variety of industries. With many more in the pipeline for 2019, here are just a few reasons why you should attend.

Attendees enjoying the micro-mentorship session at our second Stepping Up event in KBC.

Build your professional network

Networking can be intimidating but Girls in Tech Dublin works hard to create an inclusive, friendly environment where it’s easy to build upon your professional network. At the beginning of each event, there’s an informal networking session where you can get chatting to new people over a glass of wine. The micro-mentorship session which follows offers an opportunity to get to know around ten professionals in more detail and share your experiences. Even exchanging details with just one person could open up a brand new network and extensive opportunities – so bring your business cards!

Stepping Up brings women from a wide range of backgrounds and industries together.

Develop your confidence

Studies show that women are much more likely to undersell their skills and lack workplace confidence in comparison to their male counterparts. This has a negative impact on their careers as they are less likely to put themselves forward for tasks outside their comfort zone or promotions. Our Stepping Up events are very much a celebration of female achievement, not just that of our speakers, but yours too. Getting advice and support from other professionals is also a great way of feeling more self-assured when making difficult decisions about your own career.

Gain perspective

Girls in Tech Dublin’s mentorship events bring together women from a broad range of backgrounds and industries, from marketing and finance to aviation and technology. There are many advantages to having such a diverse group of ladies in a room together. Primarily, it enables you to connect with people you wouldn’t usually meet, gain new perspective on things and challenge any assumptions. Younger women can also learn a lot from the experiences of those further on in their career.

Be inspired

Hearing the success stories of entrepreneurs and organisational leaders can be extremely motivating, showing us what is possible in our own lives if we work hard and believe in ourselves. We pride ourselves on the calibre of our speakers and mentors, which have included thought leaders from KBC, RTÉ, Vodafone, Salesforce and Fenergo in the past. It’s also inspiring to learn about other people’s failures, reminding us that the path to success is never linear.

Just some of the Girls in Tech Dublin team at Stepping Up.

Have fun

All work and no play would be boring, which is why we do our best to make Stepping Up events are relaxed and light-hearted as possible. At our last event, we enjoyed music from the Moonpigs, as well as some delicious wine and canapés – the perfect antidote to the awful winter weather outside. Instead of catching up with a friend in your local pub or over dinner, join us at our next event – we promise it’ll be a lot of fun.

Share your insights

The most important thing to remember about mentorship is that it’s a two-way street. No matter what stage you are at in your career, you have experience, both professional and personal, that others can also also learn from. Stepping Up offers a space where you can share your ideas and thoughts. What might seem obvious or run-of-the-mill to you could be ground-breaking for a fellow attendee – you never know who you might end up inspiring!

Have we convinced you yet? If so, make sure to register for our next Stepping Up event, which takes place on Thursday 31st January. It promises to be an incredible evening so we hope to see you there – get your ticket now!


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