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Girls in Tech (GIT) is a global non-profit focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of girls and women who are passionate about technology. Adriana Gascoigne founded GIT in 2007 to create a support framework to help women advance their careers in STEM fields.
Girls in Tech Dublin (GITD) launched in March 2017 under the leadership of Coral Movasseli and are composed of a team of Rockstars!

Get involved with our mentorship program, Stepping Up

The objective of the Girls in tech mentorship program, Stepping Up, is to build and foster an organic community promoting good mentorship. This will NOT be a typical mentorship program, there will be no match making, instead we will focus on substance to bring you the knowledge & tools to approach mentorship; access to mentors whom they can learn from; and with inspirational stories to pave their journey. That way you leave with value and you can be self-sufficient.

Come to our hackathon

The Girls in Tech Hacking for Humanity is a hack for good. We work with local NGOs/Charities so that attendees can solve pressing and relevant business challenges that will make a difference in their community.

Hackathons are a chance for everyone with any background and gender to contribute. You don’t need any technical skills to contribute. Come see for yourself.

You will meet really cool like minded people that you’ll get to work with for a weekend. You will get exposed to what it’s like to take an idea and create a concept ready for market. You will learn new skills. The most innovative ideas will have the chance to pitch your ideas to judges. You will get to win top notch prizes.

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Careers in Tech That Don’t Require Coding

The exciting world of tech is vast and fast-growing, there is no denying the alure when it comes to careers in the tech field as it is currently one of the most lucrative fields. The word tech is also aligned with the fiction that one has to be able to code and the thought of writing and reading through lines of code can be daunting for a few, luckily we’ve got you covered.

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